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Smallbone of Devizes
Smallbone of Devizes


The Wiltshire market town of Devizes is ensconced in an ancient landscape of water-flanked lanes, orchards, open downs carved with white horses and seductively tranquil valleys. This is our spirit and our home.

Smallbone of Devizes is a global purveyor of bespoke fitted cabinetry from the rich context of British craft. For decades its craftsmen have evolved a deeply diverse portfolio of immaculately executed custom-made furniture for individual spaces.

The same craftsmanship inherent in its kitchens extends to Smallbone’s realised designs for the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, library and wine room – for any conceivable space within the home.

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Smallbone of Devizes
A 21st-century leader in handmade British fitted furniture design, keeping its artisanal roots in plain sight
Smallbone of Devizes
Smallbone of Devizes
Smallbone of Devizes


Beyond Devizes are the ancient churches and thatched hamlets, the Georgian crescents and great country estates that populate this corner of England. If modern life seems not yet to have intruded, look a little closer. This region hugs to itself a continuity of craftsmanship, evolving this timeless and precious asset with dynamic entrepreneurship. Deeply rooted in their craft, Smallbone’s joiners work by hand, turning out precision-made designs that migrate around the world. Among its joiners are three generations of the same furniture-making family. Smallbone finds its way into the world’s finest properties, from city apartments to country houses. All furniture is made by hand in its Devizes workshop.

Smallbone of Devizes


The essence of Smallbone is the consummate skill of its joiners who work using traditional craft techniques. Working by hand with a plethora of materials, including the finest timbers such as sustainable European oak, rosewood, mahogany, American walnut and maple. The provenance of all Smallbone’s timber is traceable and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The name of the joiner who has created each piece of furniture is inscribed on it as an ownership of craft. Smallbone is synonymous with meticulous and very personal service. Each commission is a close collaboration between designer and client, each has its own dedicated design and installation team - from concept through to the finished work. Smallbone’s experts guide and inspire clients (and often their interior designer) to coax a physical reality from an abstract desire.


Smallbone of Devizes has displayed trademark ingenuity and pioneering originality since it revolutionised the kitchen back in the 1970s. Thrilling, artful, instinctive and creative, Smallbone is a leader in 21st-century fitted furniture design, keeping its artisanal roots in plain sight.

Across continents, Smallbone is synonymous with flawless design ingenuity and hand-held service
Smallbone of Devizes


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