Macassar Collection by Smallbone

An Ode to Contemporary Classicism

Inspired by the master of space and light, Sir John Soane, the Macassar Collection fuses classic elegance with modern flourishes.

The first Smallbone kitchen collection to bear all the hallmarks of a contemporary classic, Macassar takes its inspiration from the English architect Sir John Soane. Recognised as one of the fathers of modern architecture, his skilful use of light and shade is interpreted in the handcrafted cabinetry, which combines the opulence of Macassar ebony veneer with mirrored accents.

A Macassar kitchen by Smallbone in a Venetian Palazzo room setting

Rare beauty.

The collection is named after the exotic hardwood that is the defining feature of the cabinetry in the collection. Macassar ebony is a rare material with a dramatic striped appearance that is further enhanced by vertical mirror inserts. We use it only in its veneer form because it is the most sustainable option.

A Smallbone Macassar kitchen with handpainted cream cabinetry and book-matched marble splashbacks

Let the light in.

Macassar wall cabinetry evokes the style of traditional apothecary cabinets. Fronted in clear or opaque glass, with mirrored backs, or with vertical mirror slips inset in the Macassar ebony, the cabinetry doors were inspired by Sir John Soaneā€™s own, inventive use of mirrors to amplify the light within a space. Mirrored skirting further accentuates the sensation of light and creates the illusion that the base cupboards are floating.

A Macassar kitchen island by Smallbone with curved central island open draw

A tour de force of craftsmanship.

Macassar has many magnificent standalone pieces that are a testament to the remarkable skill of our craftsmen. Clients can select curved islands and larders, which provide a beautiful counterpoint to the linearity of the cabinetry. There is a real sense of occasion every time the larder is opened, revealing exquisite bow-fronted drawers.

a Smallbone craftsman hand-painting a cabinet front

Bespoke colour.

Sir John Soane incorporated paint in a variety of hues into his designs, which inspired the colour palette of the Macassar paint collection. From delicate greys and creams to richer stones and ochres, choose your preferred colour and allow our decorative artists to personalise your Macassar kitchen with beautiful hand-painted cabinetry.

Luxurious marble accents.

The Macassar Collection can be further personalised with contemporary waterfall edge marble islands and book-matched Calacatta marble splashbacks. Cool to the touch, the bold veining of the marble creates a striking counterpoint to the dark stripes of the ebony wood.

A Macassar collection kitchen by Smallbone with hand painted cream draw fronts and American walnut draw internals

Discrete details.

Individually crafted by Smallbone in custom-engraved nickel, pull handles are elegantly recessed into doors and drawers so as not to distract from the luxurious veneer panels and polished to complement the mirror accents throughout the design.

a craftsman applying a Smallbone tan leather pull handle to an American walnut draw front

Signed by Smallbone.

Handmade in Devizes, Wiltshire, over 40 years of knowledge and craft is invested in every Smallbone kitchen. On the reverse of each door, you will find a veneered marquetry badge featuring the Smallbone horse emblem. The Smallbone logo is also etched on the internal face of the pull handles and imprinted on the leather tray insert handles.

A Macassar kitchen by Smallbone with white handpainted wall cabinets and two central islands crafted from ebony

Make Macassar your own.

Work with a Smallbone designer to create your own masterpiece. The Macassar Collection allows you to express your individuality through myriad materials, standalone pieces and finishes to create a space perfectly tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.