Samsung’s The Wall

at the New Smallbone Showroom at Brompton Gate

The Samsung Wall

Making its debut at the Smallbone Showroom at Brompton Gate, Samsung’s The Wall is the ultimate in cinematic immersion.

A 6-metre-wide screen with a next-generation 8K micro LED display, The Wall is a revolutionary visual experience that has to be seen to be believed. A global leader in consumer electronics, Samsung partners with Smallbone to bring its expertise within the luxury flat-panel TV, monitor and appliance market to the new Smallbone Showroom at Brompton Gate. Fusing state-of-the-art design with exceptional technology, discover the latest, ground-breaking innovation in home entertainment. Situated on the ground floor, Smallbone is proud to present the first 8K retail installation of The Wall in the world.

The Samsung Wall in-situ at the Smallbone showroom

The first of its kind.

A technological masterpiece measuring a spectacular 6-metres-wide, The Wall at the Smallbone Showroom at Brompton Gate is amongst the first 8K retail installation of its size utilising Micro LED anywhere in the world.

The Samsung Wall in a large warehouse apartment

More than a TV.

Samsung’s The Wall sized at 292” 8K uses MicroLED technology to deliver a breathtaking viewing experience and previously unattainable picture quality, with over 33 million pixels and more than 99.5 million LED lights

a couple at home watching a Samsung Wall television

A viewing experience like no other.

The Wall at Smallbone has a pixel pitch of 0.84mm, ensuring a picture quality and sharpness of detail never before seen on such a grand scale.

The Wall by Samsung in a residential sitting room

Beautifully saturated colour.

Incorporating Ultra Chroma and Black Seal Technology, colours appear more vivid and contrast more intense, while Quantum HDR utilises picture refinement technology to see images the way they were intended with true-to-life details.

Samsung Wall TV in a residential room setting

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